Summer job in programming at Agama Technologies

Looking for a programming job this summer? We are looking for a university student who wants to work in a dynamic, technologically intensive and international environment. At Agama Technologies, we’re experts at understanding TV distribution and protocols, building data applications for the web, data collection, processing and analysis.

Your work during the summer will consist of building a web interface for a test tool used in integration projects, both at Agama and at our partners. You will work directly with the engineer in charge of the test tool.

Job description

Today we use a set of scripts on a Linux test machine that can change the network settings, firewall rules and streaming of TV channels. The task is to implement a UI that will present current status of these rules/settings and allow the user to change the settings without resorting to manual usage of the scripts.

In addition to this, you’ll need to consider how to package the full application so it can be downloaded and run easily on any Linux machine.

Your profile and skill set

We are looking for an open minded, easy-going person who is a true team player and will enjoy working with the rest of us at Agama. In our team mates we appreciate technical skills and knowledge, an eagerness to learn to the point of becoming an expert and the ability to clearly communicate thoughts and technical solutions to colleagues.

For this job the following requirements apply:

·       Prior experience in Creating Web UIs using HTML/CSS/JS
·       Basic knowledge of Linux systems, networking and scripting
·       Ability to work independently and take initiatives
·       Fluency in English, both verbal and written

We offer

We offer the opportunity to work in a dynamic, technologically intensive and international environment with long-term customer relationships and strong future-growth prospects. Agama continuously works to be at the forefront of an industry that is growing and evolving with great speed.

Duration of the job:

4 weeks to 6 weeks, as agreed. The work will be performed mainly during July. Salary to be agreed.


Interested in applying for the position? See the Agama website for more information

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