EIA 2020 /reclaim the future

Whatever you do – Don’t miss this unbeatable combination:
Save the planet and win €25,000 at the same time!

Participate in Ericsson's annual innovation competition Ericsson Innovation Awards. All you need to do is to, together with some friends, brainstorm and propose an ICT solution that can mitigate the climate change. It can be anything from an app that makes everyone go vegan to a fantastic digitally controlled machine that literally eats up the CO2 problem... as long as it is realistic and nicely described.

Read more, watch the movie and then register your team and your idea here: Ericsson Innovation Awards 2020 /reclaim the future

Submissions are open until September 30th, so do not wait until tomorrow - gather your team today and innovate freely!

Previous competitions have been won by teams from universities in e.g. Australia, Senegal and the US, so it's really time for Swedish students to show their good spirit this year!

Good luck! We look forward to your contribution!

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