Welcome Week 2018

Do you want to hang out with the new Masters students of Autumn 2018 and show them
what the student life at Linköping University is all about and like to organize Events? Then
we welcome you apply and become a Coordinator during the Master’s Welcome Period
(Week 35) this August.

The Master’s Welcome is during one week in the beginning of the
next semester and as a Coordinator you will attend and help out at the activities during this
week. The welcome week will start at the 27 th of August 2018 and ends on 1 st of September
2018. We will also meet up a couple of times during this semester and you’ll get an
education from LinTek on how to best coordinate with the new Master Students and further
information about the schedule and individual involvement.

If you want to meet new people and thinks that this sounds fun? Then you should apply
now! The application closes at 2017-05- 18 (Friday).
Join us to make this event more creative and fun.

Link to Application Form:
Thank You

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