Sommarjobba hos Kommuninvest

Flexible summer job for students at LiU!

You will be one of two programmers that will be working with development of risk models in in our Risk department (Risk & Kontroll). You can be working on distance, with one to two-days introduction course in the beginning at the head office in Örebro. You will be supervised by one of the Quantitative analysts, by weekly reporting in online meetings. The Employment duration of four weeks is flexible within the period between weeks 25 and 32.
The Risk department, regularly manages and assesses risk according to the Company’s risk profile and permitted risk taking. The department is communicator internally, as well as with authorities, auditors, ratings agencies, board and management, on issues relating to financial risks.
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Do you sometimes visit your local healthcare centre? Travel on public transport? Have children at preschool? If so, it’s highly likely that Kommuninvest has at some point facilitated investment in the service being provided.
We contribute to the development of Sweden with an idea that is as amazing as it is simple: many municipalities working together can get better loan terms than if they were to work separately. We are 95 people who manage assets worth over SEK 350 billion, we have 90% of Sweden's municipalities and county councils as clients, and the entire world is our workplace.

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