Demola Autumn 2017 opened for applications

Make the most of your autumn semester and boost you CV by applying to the Demola course.

This course gives you the opportunity to work in cross disciplinary teams, containing students from all of the four faculties present at Linköping University, and together with them tackle challenges from trade and industry as well as from the society. Course start takes place in September, with completion in December.

Demola teams work on real-life challenges together with partner companies. For instance, teams create and refine business concepts, develop new products, or build demos and prototypes

The core of the course is cross disciplinary co-creation which means that everyone regardless field of study can contribute. The best results are achieved with varieties in backgrounds and skills.

This course offers possibilities for you to create a personal network and develop your professional skills – all while earning credits.

Who can join?

Admission to the course requires approved 90 credits, we welcome students from all fields of study.


The course is opened for applications via between Marc 15 – April 18.

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