Exjobb hos Arriver

At Arriver, we’re charting the course for next-gen automotive architecture, combining advanced perception and driving policy software with the latest semiconductor technologies.

With around 800 employees in Germany, Sweden, the United States, Romania and China, Arrivers highly skilled team members are responsible for the development of award winning vision stacks and driving policy features. The platform will address the growing needs of the automotive ecosystem for scalable and upgradable solutions, which requires highly advanced and power-efficient compute, connectivity and cloud service capabilities across all vehicle tiers. Arriver™ directly addresses one of the rapidly growing market megatrend in the automotive industry – Automation.

Our vision is to create a world where everyone arrives safe and sound at their destination.

Does this sound interesting? We currently have several Master Thesis opportunities in Linköping within Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision for spring 2022.
For more information, please visit our career site: https://arriversweden.teamtailor.com/jobs? department=Student

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